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Potted history of principal, Rob Simon, BE

  • Graduate of Adelaide University
  • Design engineer on the Snowy Mountains Hydro-Electric Scheme
  • Scientific officer (glaciologist) in Antarctica
  • Trained as a journalist on Fleet Street on the editorial staff of Instrument & Control Engineering
  • Editor of Product Design & Value Engineering in Toronto, Canada, winning two awards for editorial excellence
  • Founding editor of Change to Metric Information Service
  • Founding editor of Technilog
  • Editor of Building Construction & Materials
  • Editor of Limousin Leader
  • Graduate of the scriptwriting faculty of the Australian Film, Television and Radio School
  • Published author (The Wrenwatches, You the Detective, The Lady Could Kill for Love, Love Storm in Paradise, First Rays)
  • Publicist and webmaster, author. designer and programmer in Sydney, Australia.