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You will be amazed at the power of the News-pod strategy.

Central to the strategy is the growing list of Internet content providers. We can place editorial with these media, Editorial that sells your story. Most are Google's content network allies. So they score high on any Google search page.

They attract thousands of prospects looking for just what you offer and in your sales territory. They facilitate click-throughs to your website. And they encourage contact with you by phone and email.

(cont.) But the editorials must be written a Pro. Tight. To the point. Structured for the busy reader. Hooking into the pitches your sales team have found work on your prospects. As soon as an editorial is "perfect", we spin off purpose-tweaked versions into all channels. Media. Website. Project casefiles. Newletters or e-Newsletters. Multi-media. Social media. Whatever.

One Pro write job, many lightning strikes on your market. Smart spending.

But, you say, we don't have "new products". Think broader. A service is a "new product". A value-added offer is a "new product". An extended warranty is a "new product". A re-brand is a "new product". If you're not launching something new, then your business is as stale as last year's news.

And when you have customers who benefit from your "new product", you have the beginnings of a "News-pod". And we can make the media hum with the repeated sound of your voice.

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