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Editors and readers are impressed by informative graphics accompanying our editorials

Creative graphics by Proper Gander often illustrate technical stories simply

Literally dozens of B2B and B2C publications want your editorial.

Both in print form (p-pubs) and electronic (e-pubs).

Your rivals will be in all of this media. How can you not be?

To seize all the opportunities for media exposure is to be systematic and sustained. And successful.

A feature article (as part of the News-pod Strategy or as a stand-alone) will cost you less than the placement rate of an ad.

It will out-pull or on-pull the ad spend.

It will typically be used in more than one publication.

It can be reprinted.

And it is useable in newsletters (p- and e-), case files, blogs, giveaways, websites and more.

Customers welcome clippings and reprints of your press, but not of your ads.

Which says something about relative credibility!.